Gauteng’s Commercial Property Market: A Resilient Hub for Growth

Gauging Gauteng's Commercial Property Prowess

The buzz surrounding Cape Town's commercial property boom often overshadows the vibrant market in Gauteng, the country's economic powerhouse. Despite this, property specialists underscore Gauteng's industry's impressive resilience and strength.

Property Dynamics in Gauteng

Scott Thorburn, the national asset manager of Redefine Properties, highlights the province's resurgence in commercial property. Preceding the pandemic, office spaces across prime Gauteng locations faced vacancies. However, these spaces have reached full occupancy or show minimal vacancies, signifying a gradual yet evident rental growth.

Factors Driving Growth

The decline in vacancies and the surge in occupancy rates within Gauteng indicate a positive trajectory for rental growth. Thorburn emphasizes the return to normal property fundamentals as demand escalates, particularly in prominent nodes like Bryanston, Sandton, Rosebank, Midrand, Greenstone, and Struben's Valley.

Rental Rate Comparisons

Despite Cape Town's burgeoning market, property values in Gauteng, determined by rental rates, persistently maintain higher averages. Notably, the gap in rates between Sandton's fully occupied buildings (around R230 per square meter) and Cape Town's premier nodes (struggling around R190 per square meter) is gradually narrowing.

Unique Challenges and Resilience

Thorburn acknowledges Cape Town's commercial property surge, attributing it to a series of conducive factors. Yet, Gauteng remains resilient despite its hurdles, including municipal inefficiencies, escalating rates, and sluggish economic growth. The proactive involvement of property owners in city improvement districts has significantly bolstered the province's commercial property market.

Gauteng's Path Forward

While acknowledging Cape Town's growth, Thorburn urges recognition of Gauteng's potential. With improved economic growth and resolved service delivery issues, the province could witness a commercial property transformation akin to Cape Town's recent surge.

Q&A Section

### Q1: What are the primary nodes witnessing increased demand in Gauteng's commercial property market?
A1: Gauteng's hotspots for demand surge include Bryanston, Sandton, Rosebank, Midrand, Greenstone, and Struben's Valley.

### Q2: How do rental rates in Gauteng compare to those in Cape Town?
A2: While Sandton's fully occupied buildings command around R230 per square meter, premier Cape Town nodes struggle at approximately R190 per square meter, indicating a narrowing gap in rates.

### Q3: What factors contribute to Gauteng's commercial property resilience despite challenges?
A3: The active involvement of property owners in city improvement districts and the gradual return to normal property fundamentals amid increasing demand contribute to Gauteng's resilience.