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  1. Introduction to Rosebank
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Welcome to the thriving business hub of Rosebank, Gauteng – a dynamic and sought-after location that offers an array of compelling reasons to consider renting commercial office space. Nestled within the heart of Johannesburg’s bustling urban landscape, Rosebank stands out as a premier destination for businesses aiming to establish themselves in a vibrant and strategic location. Boasting a harmonious blend of corporate sophistication and cultural richness, Rosebank presents a unique opportunity for enterprises to thrive in an environment that fosters growth, connectivity, and innovation. In this article, we will explore the key factors that make Rosebank an ideal choice for renting commercial office space, from its strategic geographical location to its unparalleled amenities and the vibrant ecosystem that surrounds it. Whether you’re a startup seeking a dynamic launchpad or an established company looking to elevate your presence, Rosebank offers the perfect backdrop for your business aspirations. Please look at our guide below to renting office space in Rosebank.



Situated in the heart of Johannesburg, Rosebank enjoys a strategic position that offers unparalleled accessibility. Its proximity to major highways, public transportation hubs, and the OR Tambo International Airport ensures seamless connectivity for businesses and clients. This central location enhances your business’s accessibility to local and international markets. Explore the strategic area by checking out 30 Jellicoe Avenue.

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Rosebank is a thriving business and financial hub, hosting an impressive concentration of multinational corporations, financial institutions, and professional services firms. This environment fosters a sense of prestige and credibility for businesses operating within the area, making it an ideal location for client meetings, networking, and collaboration. Consider 138 Jan Smuts, Rosebank, for your business needs.


Rosebank’s office space landscape is as diverse as the businesses that operate within it. From sleek modern high-rise buildings such as 144 Oxford, Rosebank Towers and many more to charming heritage buildings such as Rosebank Firestation, the area offers an extensive range of office spaces that cater to different aesthetic preferences, sizes, and functional requirements. Whether you need a cosy coworking space, a spacious open-plan office, or a private executive suite, Rosebank has the perfect fit for your business.

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Beyond its commercial appeal, Rosebank offers a vibrant lifestyle that enriches the working experience. The area is dotted with upscale restaurants such as Marble, trendy cafes including the pantry, boutique shops, and cultural attractions. The nearby Rosebank Mall and The Zone @ Rosebank provide convenient retail therapy. At the same time, the proximity to art galleries, theatres, and green spaces ensures a well-rounded work-life balance for employees.


Rosebank is not just a traditional business district; it’s also a hub for innovation and technology. With the presence of tech incubators, accelerators, and collaborative spaces, the area encourages cross-industry collaboration and supports startups in their growth journey. This unique blend of corporate and creative energy creates an inspiring environment for businesses to innovate and thrive. Consider Oxford Parks, 199 Oxford Road, for your tech business.


Renting office space in Rosebank means being part of a dynamic community. The area hosts numerous business events, conferences, and seminars, providing ample opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and industry exposure. This connectedness can prove invaluable for business growth and expansion.


Rosebank is a vibrant neighbourhood offering a unique and enriching living experience at the heart of Johannesburg’s urban landscape. With its blend of cultural richness, convenient amenities, and tight-knit community spirit, Rosebank has become a sought-after destination for individuals seeking a dynamic and fulfilling lifestyle. This article will explore why living in Rosebank is an attractive proposition.


Rosebank’s cultural vibrancy is a defining aspect of its allure. The neighbourhood hosts diverse art galleries, theatres, and cultural centres catering to various interests. The Keyes Art Mile, for instance, showcases contemporary art and design, creating a space for creative expression and artistic exploration. The Market Theatre in nearby Newtown offers an eclectic mix of performances that cater to theatre enthusiasts. Whether you’re an art lover or a culture seeker, Rosebank’s cultural scene provides a constant source of inspiration.


Living in Rosebank means having a world of conveniences at your doorstep. The Rosebank Mall and The Zone @ Rosebank offer many retail options, ranging from high-end brands to local boutiques. Grocery shopping is a breeze, with supermarkets and speciality stores offering fresh produce and gourmet offerings. Additionally, the neighbourhood boasts an array of restaurants, cafes, and bars that cater to every palate, making dining out an exciting culinary journey.


Despite its urban setting, Rosebank embraces green spaces that provide fresh air and recreational opportunities. The Johannesburg Zoo is a stone’s throw away, offering a chance to connect with wildlife and nature. Nearby parks like Zoo Lake and James and Ethel Gray Park provide peaceful retreats for picnics, jogging, and unwinding amidst lush surroundings. These green spaces contribute to a balanced lifestyle, allowing residents to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.


One of Rosebank’s standout features is its strong sense of community. The neighbourhood fosters a welcoming environment where neighbours become friends, and social interactions are nurtured. Residents often come together for local events, farmers’ markets, and community initiatives. This sense of belonging contributes to a fulfilling and interconnected living experience.


Rosebank’s strategic location ensures excellent connectivity to various parts of Johannesburg and beyond. The Gautrain station is a central transportation hub that offers quick access to the airport, business districts, and other vital areas. Additionally, the neighbourhood’s proximity to significant highways simplifies commuting for those who prefer driving.


For families, Rosebank offers access to quality educational institutions. There are reputable schools and educational facilities that cater to diverse age groups, ensuring that children receive a well-rounded education.


Rosebank, Gauteng, has solidified its position as a premier commercial destination, attracting a broad spectrum of businesses seeking a strategic foothold in South Africa’s economic landscape. The area’s commercial office market is dynamic and diverse and caters to various business needs. In this article, we will delve into the commercial market in Rosebank and explore the different types of offices available, showcasing the options available for businesses looking to thrive in this thriving hub.


The commercial real estate market in Rosebank is a reflection of its status as a bustling business hub. The demand for office space remains robust, driven by multinational corporations, financial institutions, tech startups, and professional service firms. The strategic location, accessibility, and diverse business ecosystem create a healthy demand for office spaces accommodating different business requirements.


Rosebank offers office spaces that cater to various business preferences, sizes, and functional needs. Here are some of the prominent types of office spaces available in the area:

  1. Traditional Offices: Traditional offices are private spaces within commercial buildings. They offer dedicated work areas with walls or partitions for enhanced privacy. These offices suit businesses requiring a consistent and confidential working environment.

  2. Open-Plan Offices: Open-plan offices are characterised by shared, flexible spaces with minimal barriers. They promote collaboration, communication, and a sense of openness among team members. Startups and creative businesses often find open-plan offices conducive to their working style.

  3. Coworking Spaces: Coworking spaces provide a flexible and collaborative environment where individuals and businesses share a communal workspace. They are ideal for freelancers, small teams, and startups seeking an affordable yet professional setting. Coworking spaces also offer networking opportunities and access to shared amenities.

  4. Serviced Offices: Serviced offices provide fully furnished and equipped spaces with administrative support and amenities. They are particularly suitable for businesses that require a turnkey solution without the hassle of managing infrastructure and utilities.

  5. Virtual Offices: Virtual offices offer businesses a prestigious address and professional communication services without the need for physical space. This option is ideal for companies seeking a professional image without the cost of a physical office.

  6. Executive Suites: Executive suites are upscale private offices that often come with premium amenities and services. They cater to businesses looking for a prestigious and exclusive environment.

  7. Tech and Innovation Hubs: Given Rosebank’s focus on tech and innovation, there are dedicated spaces that cater to startups and tech-driven businesses. These hubs offer a collaborative ecosystem, resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities.


Selecting the appropriate office space in Rosebank depends on factors such as the nature of your business, team size, budget, and preferred work environment. When deciding, consider the level of privacy, collaboration requirements, amenities, and proximity to clients and partners. Explore options like Oxford Glenhove, Building 2, Unit Suite 19 to find the right fit.

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Rosebank, Gauteng, stands as a hotspot for investment in the commercial real estate sector. With its strategic location, burgeoning business ecosystem, and dynamic urban development, Rosebank offers a range of compelling investment opportunities for those looking to venture into commercial property. This article will explore the various avenues for investing in Rosebank’s commercial property and the factors contributing to its attractiveness as an investment destination.


Rosebank’s strategic location places it at the crossroads of business activity in Gauteng. Its proximity to key transportation routes, including major highways and the Gautrain station, ensures easy connectivity within Johannesburg and beyond. This accessibility is a fundamental factor contributing to the area’s allure as a prime commercial property investment destination.


The presence of multinational corporations, financial institutions, tech startups, and professional service firms creates a diverse and dynamic business ecosystem. This mix of industries fosters a high demand for commercial spaces that cater to various business requirements, providing a steady flow of potential tenants for commercial property investors.


Rosebank’s commercial real estate market is marked by consistent demand for office spaces. As businesses seek to establish or expand their operations, the need for well-located and well-equipped office spaces remains strong. This demand translates into rental income potential for commercial property investors.


Rosebank’s urban development includes mixed-use spaces that combine commercial, residential, and leisure facilities. Such developments create vibrant environments that attract businesses, residents, and visitors. Investing in mixed-use properties allows investors to capitalise on these developments’ holistic experiences.


The emergence of Rosebank as a tech and innovation hub presents a unique investment opportunity. Tech startups, incubators, accelerators, and coworking spaces are flourishing in the area. Investing in properties catering to these innovative ventures can provide long-term growth potential as the tech sector expands.


Rosebank’s desirability as a commercial hub can lead to competitive rental yields and potential capital appreciation over time. As the area’s reputation grows and businesses continue to seek a presence, property values may appreciate, offering investors a chance for significant investment returns.


Older properties in Rosebank may offer opportunities for adaptive reuse or redevelopment. Transforming older buildings into modern, functional spaces can create attractive business options, allowing investors to add value to their portfolios.


Navigating the commercial property market requires expertise. Engaging with experienced real estate professionals and investment advisors such as Anvil Property Smith can help investors make informed decisions, identify lucrative opportunities, and manage their investments effectively.


Q1: What makes Rosebank an attractive location for commercial property investment?

A1: Rosebank’s strategic location, diverse business ecosystem, rising demand for office spaces, and focus on innovation make it an appealing destination for commercial property investment. Its accessibility, urban development, and mix of industries contribute to its allure.

Q2: What types of commercial properties are available in Rosebank?

A2: Rosebank offers a range of commercial properties, including traditional offices, open-plan spaces, coworking hubs, serviced offices, tech and innovation hubs, and mixed-use developments that blend commercial and residential elements.

Q3: How can I determine the potential rental yield for a commercial property in Rosebank?

A3: Rental yield depends on property size, location, market demand, and prevailing rental rates. Engaging with real estate professionals like Anvil Property Smith, we can help you analyse comparable properties and estimate potential rental income.

Q4: Are there opportunities for redevelopment or adaptive reuse of older properties in Rosebank?

A4: Yes, there are opportunities to repurpose older properties in Rosebank. Adaptive reuse or redevelopment can add value to existing structures and cater to modern business needs while contributing to the overall revitalisation of the area.

Q5: How do I assess the future growth potential of a commercial property investment in Rosebank?

A5: Consider factors such as the neighbourhood’s development plans, infrastructure projects, and the overall economic outlook of Gauteng. Consult with experts like Anvil Property Smith, who can provide insights into market trends and growth projections.

Q6: What amenities and services are available for businesses in Rosebank’s commercial properties?

A6: Commercial properties in Rosebank offer a range of amenities such as parking facilities, modern infrastructure, access to public transportation, proximity to dining and retail options, and in some cases, networking events and business support services.

Q7: How can I ensure a successful commercial property investment in Rosebank?

A7: Conduct thorough research, engage with experienced real estate professionals like Anvil Property Smith, consider location and tenant demand, analyse potential rental income, and align your investment strategy with your financial goals.

Q8: Are there financing options available for commercial property investments in Rosebank?

A8: Financing options such as commercial property loans and mortgages are available through banks and financial institutions. It’s advisable to explore different financing options and choose the one that aligns with your investment plan.

Q9: Can I invest in commercial property as a foreign investor in Rosebank?

A9: Foreign investors can invest in commercial property in South Africa, subject to specific regulations and requirements. It’s important to know legal and tax implications and consult with legal and financial experts before proceeding.

Q10: How can I stay updated on the latest developments and opportunities in Rosebank’s commercial property market?

A10: Keep an eye on real estate news, attend industry events, seminars, and workshops, and engage with real estate professionals like Anvil Property Smith, who specialises in the Rosebank market. Online platforms, property listing websites, and local real estate associations can provide valuable insights.


Rosebank, Gauteng, is a thriving business hub and a vibrant neighbourhood that offers a unique blend of commercial sophistication, cultural richness, and community spirit. Whether you are looking to rent retail office space, invest in commercial property, or explore the lifestyle and amenities of living in Rosebank, this guide provides comprehensive insights into what makes Rosebank a compelling choice.

From its strategic location to unparalleled amenities, diverse office space options, and supportive tech and innovation landscape, Rosebank stands out as a premier destination for businesses, investors, and residents.

The commercial property market in Rosebank is dynamic and diverse, offering a wide range of investment opportunities. With the guidance of experienced real estate professionals like Anvil Property Smith, investors can navigate the market, identify lucrative opportunities, and achieve their investment goals.

The cultural vibrancy, convenient amenities, green spaces, and strong sense of community make living in Rosebank attractive. The neighbourhood combines urban sophistication with a warm community spirit, offering residents a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle.

In conclusion, Rosebank’s unique blend of urban sophistication, entrepreneurial energy, and cultural vibrancy make it a compelling choice for renting commercial office space, investing in commercial property or calling it home. Explore properties like 30 Jellicoe Avenue, Floor 3, Unit 49563138 Jan Smuts, Rosebank, Third Floor Office 52040Oxford Parks, 199 Oxford Road, Second Floor 78090Rosebank Firestation, Floor 8, Suite 807 to find the perfect fit for your business, investment, or lifestyle needs.


This comprehensive guide to Rosebank, Gauteng, provides an in-depth look at the thriving business hub and vibrant neighbourhood. It covers vital aspects of renting office space, investing in commercial property, and living in Rosebank. The guide explores the strategic location, diverse business ecosystem, office space options, investment opportunities, cultural attractions, amenities, and community engagement that make Rosebank a sought-after destination. Whether you are a business, investor, or resident, this guide offers valuable insights and resources to help you make informed decisions. 

  • Location and Accessibility: Rosebank’s strategic location offers easy connectivity to key transportation routes, making it a prime commercial and residential hub.
  • Commercial Office Market: A diverse range of office spaces, including traditional, open-plan, coworking, and more, caters to various business needs.
  • Investment Opportunities: Rosebank’s commercial property market offers lucrative investment opportunities, including rental yield, capital appreciation, and redevelopment.
  • Living in Rosebank: A blend of urban sophistication and community spirit, Rosebank offers cultural attractions, green spaces, and convenient amenities for residents.
  • Educational Opportunities: Access to quality educational institutions makes Rosebank suitable for families.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to common questions about commercial property investment, types of properties, rental yield, and more in Rosebank.
  • Conclusion: Rosebank is a premier destination for businesses, investors, and residents, offering a unique blend of commercial sophistication, entrepreneurial energy, and cultural vibrancy.

This summary encapsulates the critical aspects of the comprehensive guide to Rosebank, Gauteng, covering the commercial office market, investment opportunities, living experience, and more. Whether you are looking to rent office space, invest in commercial property, or explore living in Rosebank, this guide provides valuable insights to make informed decisions. Explore properties like Oxford Glenhove, Building 2, Unit Suite 19 to find the perfect opportunity in Rosebank.

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