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Matthew  Miller

Matthew Miller

Candidate Estate Agent

Matthew Miller is a commercial property broker for Anvil Property Smith, operating in the Cape Town City Centre and Atlantic Seaboard. Coming from a family background in property, he has always been interested in the property industry. Matthew has completed a bachelor of social science degree at the University of Cape Town, focusing on both social research and finance research and completing a number of economics and maths courses. This has given him both a large social understanding of people and interactions as well as a firm knowledge of business and numbers. He also has strong analytical skills as well as research skills which assist him in finding the ideal properties that match the criteria for each prospective tenant. Through the completion of his degree and working experience, Matthew has become a very good communicator, team worker, researcher, data collector and analyzer, as well as being well versed in attending to the needs of prospective tenants in finding them the right property spaces. Through Anvil's assistance, Matthew hopes to become an expert in his field.

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