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Over the years the main areas for Industrial work and logistics within Durban have been Riverhorse Valley, New Germany and Pinetown. 

However, over the last few years, due to the congestion in these areas there has recently been a move to Cato Ridge and Hammarsdale. 

The area has seen an increase in interest due to the creation of a "dry dock" for container offloading in Cato Ridge to try ease off the congestion in the Durban Harbours Container terminal. 

Recently, major companies such as Mr Price and Ackerman have moved there distribution centres to Cato Ridge. 

Mr PriceAckermans DC


Developers are starting to see the potential and have begun to purchase land and are trying to rezone them for heavy and light industrial zones. One such development in Cato Ridge which offers warehouses bought/developed off plan and offers varying sizes, is Nordic Industrial Park. The park is clean and secure with room to expand

Nordic Park

The Vacant warehouses in the Nordic Industrial Park which are for sale and to rent could be used as factories for manufacturing and ranges in size from 1500 square meters up to 3000 square meters. offer high-end finishes and incredible natural lighting. 


Other developers are seeing that since Rainbow Chicken farm has begun to sell off land for re-development purposes, a sudden interest in turning these once immaculate farms into A-grade Industrial parks or large distribution centres has spiked. One such future development sees one of the first Rainbow Chickens farms in Hammarsdale being converted into large industrial-zoned sites. Phase one at Hammarsdale Industrial Park sees an area of 40,000 square meters with further developments planned for phase 2 which will be a similar size. 

The Park is currently home to varying Logistic companies who need space to store there trucks and trailers while not in use. Hammarsdale Industrial Park is currently renting these yards out with the option to purchase

Hammarsdale Industrial Park


Other developments in the area have seen an old textile factory turned into an industrial hub of Hammarsdale. The area which previously was built around the textile industry which employed close to 200,000 people has recently started to be redeveloped after its collapse in 2008. Overnight 60,000 square meter textile factories were shut and sold to be re-developed as Industrial warehousing and manufacturing. This has definitely worked in Spurwing Industrial Park seeing large tenants like Bata Shoes and Door Tec as some of the tenants within the park. Spurwing Industrial Park offers warehouses to let from 700 square meters up to 2500 squaremeters at present. The park has large yard areas which allow for super links and container trucks to easily manoeuvre and with security controlled access and multiple entrances. 



Undergoing developments in the area can be seen from the N3 and is a large 25000-30000 square meter distribution centre and to match the ongoing developments is a much-needed upgrade to the Cato Ridge and Hammarsdale fly off from the N3 which is set to be finished by 2020. 


The Hammarsdale and Cato Ridge area have seen many years of diverse business coming and going. From farming, textile, aluminium smelting and even casket and coffin manufacturing with the next big step being logistics warehousing. The fact is that the Durban harbour area is planning to expand. The Cato Ridge and Hammarsdale areas will help to offer large warehousing and easy access to the N3 to move goods from Durban to Johannesburg. The few major companies that have moved into the area have taken a bold move but don't seem to be slowing down. We believe that the Hammarsdale and Cato Ridge areas will continue to grow and Anvil Property Smith will be there to help expand and grow such an exciting area.