Recently we have seen major development and refurbishment of what used to be a high density industrial area into a more upmarket and modern appeal buildings for retailers and social spots alike.


Its creatives have further transformed the area into an electric and sophisticated nightlife destination with unique and trendy social events occurring weekly and monthly.


night out in kramerville


“Meet the night of your dreams on a rooftop in Kramerville” at Katy’s Palace where the exotic compliments the odd with its quirky environment featuring furnishings, décor, fine arts and artefacts from all over the world. It can transport you back in time with its relaxed sophistication and a twist of classic Joburg with its finest culture.


Katy’s Palace has a grand open space used for big impression cocktail parties and events and its lounge, Sir James, is open to the public every Wednesday and home of special annual events such as their infamous new year eve bash.

Katy’s Palace will leave you intrigued, wanting to go back to explore more.


Another well-known event is the iconic WineNot, a popular monthly pop-up bar hosted at LevelThree Premium Venue at 14a Kramer Road which boasts a spectacular view of the Sandton skyline. Guaranteed to be on the last Friday of the month, perfect timing with payday. Enjoy the sensory experience with a cold beverage in hand, a cheers to good company and good music with their live music on stage.



wine not kramerville event kramerville sandton skyline



This popular event has had over 4 000 check-ins and there are about 300 people talking about WineNot on a daily basis.

These go-to events offer an eccentric cosmopolitan community and are just the start to an ever growing nightlife environment with great views of Sandton as the backdrop to each. The culture is chic and stylish and one can look on in awe at the conversationalists and be entertained, merely at “people watching”.


Whether you are looking to rent the right showroom location, go designer shopping or take a dip into experiencing a fashionable night out, Kramerville is the destination for you.